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Tecfort employs real craftspeople with extensive expertise on mechatronics. Because we are not bound to any brands, we can provide crystal clear advice which really benefits you.  We work on the entire machine fleet and we deliver new, used or revised machines of top quality. So be sure to contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Craftspeople with passion for the glass industry

Is the only in the sector which works independently

Large assortment for the glass industry;

Gives crystal clear advice and think along with you in every way possible

works amongst others with the following brands:

Tecfort Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Sj. H. Steinfort. This family name has been famous in the glass industry from 1921 until now. The founder therefore has years of experience at one of the largest glass processing companies in the Netherlands. For this the emphasis and affinity has always been on/with engineering. The current employees have also all built up experience at large glass companies.